NFL superstar Larry Fitzgerald Jr. is not looking much like an alum of Holy Angels after the mother of his baby got an Arizona judge's signature on an order of protection against the Minneapolis native.

Jr.'s squeaky clean image is taking a hit as a result of breaking news that he "has been ordered to stay away from" Angela Nazario because he allegedly knocked her around a room and pulled her hair out in October.

The Arizona Cardinals' Mark Dalton informed me via e-mail that "Larry did speak to the local media during our open locker room period [Wednesday]." Jr.'s dad, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., hung up the phone when I spoke Big Fitz's given name (as opposed to how I normally address him: Grandpa).

The protective order was added to the paternity court case Nazario filed in 2007 against Jr. to establish the paternity of Devin Nazario Fitzgerald, a boy born in 2008.

Some will be distracted by the parts of the Nazario's court statement, in which she admits to hitting his face when he playfully put up a fist and allegedly said, "Come on, let's fight," while trying to diffuse the rising tensions. A petite former NFL cheerleader, she probably represents quite a threat especially when she "tried to shake him up by hitting his shoulders."

This is not a typical case of he said, she said. Nazario's statement indicates that among those around during the unpleasantness was a friend of hers, Jr.'s assistant and another person who is Jr.'s driver. Nazario's friend My-lihn French's statement on file with the court alleged that she saw Jr. grab "Angie's arms and pushed her on the ground forcefully" and also grab "her head with both hands like a football and forcefully threw her across the room." Sadly, French's statement alleges that Jr. was holding the baby while pushing away his mother.

As I read Nazario's statement, one underlying tension in their relationship is related to her always bringing the baby to Phoenix to see Jr., as opposed to daddy making the effort, on his days off, to drive two hours to Flagstaff to see Devin.

According to information from another source, who does not want to be quoted about a matter that looks headed for a courtroom trial, there is an explanation for the lapse in time between the alleged incident and its coming to the attention of the media. They've reportedly been in negotiations to hash out a visitation schedule for Devin, and no doubt seal the records on this part of the file.

Nazario's attorney, Louis Diesel, told that a further proceeding will take place in March. It looks as though they are still hashing out child support for Devin, whom Jr. is allowed to see once a week.

P.A. protects his Dubay

The absence of Jeff Dubay from KFAN's studios has to be tough on Paul Allen.

Not only were they co-hosts of the sports station's "P.A. & Dubay Show" for 10 years, but they are also close friends. Their radio show ended in October when Dubay got fired after being charged with felony drug possession in an incident that allegedly involved him throwing crack and a crack pipe from his vehicle in Maplewood.

It's a professional demise made even sadder by broadcasting insiders telling me how much Allen tried to help Dubay cope with these issues. One of the lovely things about P.A.'s personality is that he's a man so comfortable with himself that on the air he openly expresses meaningful affections for male friends and sometimes athletes who are guests on the show. P.A. calls his show "a love covenant."

Understandably, Allen was in protective mode regarding Dubay when we had a chance meeting at the Clear Channel offices recently. I was going into the building as he was coming out, and P.A. foolishly asked me to step outside and keep him company while he smoked a cigarette. I detest even walking past smokers, so I would tolerate someone smoking a cancer stick near me only if it was work-related.

"What are you going to do, a glitzy column on me quitting in a month for my family?" Allen said. Then the radio guy who considers himself something of a wordsmith proceeded to prove that he doesn't know the meaning of the word "covertly."

I asked P.A. if he was allowed to say Puffy's name on the air these days. As you can see at, Allen pretended not to know about whom I was speaking. Puffy Combs? P.A. toyed with me before being pressed to add: "I've said it [Dubay's name] many times." How is Dubay doing, does P.A. know? "Yes," he said.

Despite flashing me those Hollywood choppers, like he wanted to take a bite out of me, P.A. was not amused with our video encounter, but the folks at Continental Diamond should be extremely pleased with it. I asked if that Continental Diamond TV commercial where P.A. is the on-camera pitchman while Dubay, who is not identified, plays the role of a jewelry store customer would continue to air. Allen didn't answer the question, but he instantly lapsed into a commercial pitchman's schtick, which should bring a sparkle to the eye of the jewelry store's owner.

As for that resolution to quit smoking for his family, something tells me that I'll be able to confirm whether Allen is living up to that commitment.

Minty debut

Mint Condition's new video for "Nothing Left to Say" debuts at 5 p.m. today on BETJ.

According to their consultant/agent Jeff Taube of MidAmerica Talent, that "beautiful song's been in the top five for five months." BETJ is BET's jazzier cable channel.

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