Stephen Gillett has only been a Best Buy employee for about a month but the former Starbucks chief information officer is apparently already making quite the impression.

Since joining Best Buy in April as executive vice president and head of the company's digital operations, Gillett has also added global marketing to his already long list of responsibilities.

And now comes this: after scanning Gillett's LinkedIn profile, I noticed Gillett listed himself as "President, Best Buy." Did Gillett just get a big promotion after 30 or so days at his new job?

Normally, I'd be skeptical about such a quick ascension. However, these aren't normal times at Best Buy, which has seen a slew of top executives leave the company in recent weeks. And given Gillett's expanding number of duties, he could make a fair argument that he indeed deserves an upgrade in job title if not salary.

I e-mailed spokesman Greg Hitt about Gillett's official position. Here's what he wrote back:

"Stephen's title is: President, Best Buy Digital, Global Marketing & Strategy and Enterprise EVP."

Hmm. I suppose it's possible that Gillett meant President of Best Buy Digital in his LinkedIn profile. But Gillett, an engineer by training, strikes me as a precise individual who knows the difference between president of a unit versus president of the entire company.

So either Gillett needs to fix his LinkedIn profile or start moving into a larger office at Best Buy corporate headquarters.

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