Is Jack Morris a Hall of Fame pitcher?

Many Twins fans would put him there simply because of his Game 7 performance in the 1991 World Series -- the 10 shutout innings in the 1-0 victory that certainly belongs among the best games ever but doesn't, by itself, make Morris a Hall of Famer. Upload suspects that Morris will do well among the local BBWAA voters, those with 10 years or more of consecutive membership in the group.

Here's what others are saying about Morris, who will have one more chance on the ballot if he doesn't make it this time:

Danny Knobler of, who used to cover the Tigers, where Morris had most of his best seasons: "Jack Morris. I've long been a supporter. I understand the arguments against. But he was the dominant starting pitcher of his era. We've never elected a pitcher who spent his entire career in the American League during the DH era. Morris deserves to be the first.

Colin Wyers of Baseball Prospectus refutes the "Morris era" argument: "The act of creating an era for Jack Morris to dominate is nothing more or less than gerrymandering, carefully setting your boundaries so that Morris doesn't have to be compared to a set of pitchers he simply doesn't match up to."

Former teammate Dan Petry of the Tigers told the Detroit News that Morris should be in: "Does he have the electric stuff like (Justin) Verlander or Nolan Ryan? No. But you know what? All the guy did was win. ... He stayed in games. You couldn't get him out of the game. OK, so he gave up some runs, but all he did was win."

Jay Jaffe of refutes a lot of the hype about how Morris "pitched to the score" in a stat-filled analysis: "Morris was gritty, gruff, and exceptionally durable, and he saved his bullpens a whole lot of work, but he simply didn’t prevent runs in the manner of an elite pitcher. For all of his extra wins and postseason success, Morris case rests on outmoded barometers and a distortion of the value of one shining moment."

Your thoughts?


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