Time may fly when you're having fun, but when you're bored, it scrolls.

Over time, some people have found that their iPhone's calendar app scrolls far beyond the longest of long-range planners.

We're talking about scrolling into centuries, millennia — a feature that could turn "save the date" cards into a new growth industry.

An online chat about Apple's iOS7 opened with: "Looks like the iPhone calendar never ends. Got to 11007 before I gave up. How far can you go?"

The geek game was on.

Someone scrolling to 40637 was trumped by another who scrolled to 60313. Perhaps no one had the temerity to admit they'd gone further.

Then another noted, "Goes backwards too," posting a screenshot of the calendar at the year 1.

Not to be outdone, another found that "when you reach year 1 AD, it jumps to 1 BC."

Apple, perhaps not unsurprisingly, has not responded to an inquiry about why, or how, it got all of those years to fit inside a mere phone.

But who cares? The ability to scroll to an apparent infinity is variously humbling, amusing, mind-blowing and maybe good for the odd party trick. (Just once, though.) Looking at a screen of June 4047 and contemplating that there may be a June 4047 puts our daily travails into some perspective. Or at least reminds us to recycle.

For those folks who simply have their eyes glued to their phone screens, know that people suspect you're just trying to scroll past 60000. □