IDudes iRritate

Last week's iPad launch unleashed what can be called, in the spirit of the moment, a heavy flow of twitter. The subject was not the product's features, but its name: "Will the 64GB be called the Maxi-Pad?" "Will women send their husbands to the Apple store to buy iPads?" The trending topic iTampon was nearly as popular as iPad.

Despite the connotations obvious to any English-speaking woman, the name actually makes sales sense -- it's short, snappy and similar to its brother-brand iPod. I use "brother" with intent. What's irksome is the Steve Jobs stag club, or at least that's what the top team behind iPad appeared to be in the video announcement.

Women buy 40 percent of electronics gadgets, and we don't need them to be pastel pretty. What we do need is at least one person of our gender in the boardroom.

Apple isn't the only company behind the times. A headline: "iPad name draws feminine hygiene jokes." The last time I saw the phrase "feminine hygiene" was in a small-town drugstore that hadn't been remodeled since the '70s.