Chad Zenk-Tills, aka @czt on Instagram, is one of the best chroniclers of Twin Cities street art on the photo-sharing social network. Here, he shares thoughts on some of his favorite pieces, pictured above.

1. Location: 331 Club, northeast Minneapolis.

Artist: Broken Crow/OverUnder.

He says: "I've visited the piece a number of times, and I always see something different in it. The meaning grows as you spend some time with it."

2. Location: Lake and Lyndale parking lot, Minneapolis.

Artists: Various.

He says: "It's sort of a time capsule. A lot of artists that really made their mark in the Twin Cities have gone on to do all kinds of work in different areas. This is from a time when they were all here."

3. Location: 27th Street alley in south Minneapolis.

Artist: Eric Inkala.

He says: "Those great, fluid, cartoony, whale-like creatures — I think they're so fun. It's kind of a break in the urban landscape."

4. Location: Nicollet Avenue, near I-94 corridor, Minneapolis.

Artist: Biafra Inc.

He says: "It's been there for years. All of these people traveling back and forth to their jobs, and what he's showing is a businessman. It's almost holding up a mirror to all those people who are captive in seeing it every day."

5. Location: 28th Street in south Minneapolis.

Artists: Wundr, CAW & Erin Sayer.

He says: "They brought all of this color and unexpected surprise and play to kind of this headache spot. This collaborative work sort of throws ego out the window."

6. Location: ChowGirls parking lot in northeast Minneapolis.

Artist: OverUnder.

He says: "It kind of speaks to what's sort of happening in the Twin Cities right now with super saturation. I love cities. We're too close, and there are so many of us. It shows some of the struggle in it."

Natalie Daher