The fallout from COVID-19 comes into stark focus this week in Inspired. And I didn't realize how true that was until I sat down to write these words.

The pandemic has never operated in a vacuum. Yes, we are desperately trying to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe and virus-free. But we're also trying to keep food on our tables, as Kelly Smith notes in her story this week about Every Meal, a Roseville-based nonprofit expanding its food delivery to libraries, fire stations and other community outposts nearer to where people live to meet a desperate need.

Another crisis of this crisis is a surge in deaths and overdoses due to opioids and other substances. So I felt buoyed talking with Jayna Pomsyda and Justin Goeman, both in their 20s and both in recovery, who volunteer for a new nonprofit called Change the Outcome, whose mission is exactly that. From dire realities spring heart-felt solutions. May their successes continue.