After a 29-26 loss that included five touchdowns and five lead changes in the final 2 minutes, 5 seconds, Adrian Peterson vented to reporters and via Twitter.

He said that Baltimore had the worst fans in the league and that referee Pete Morelli’s crew blew “a million” calls, beginning with a questionable spot on a snow-covered field that gave the Ravens their initial first down of the game.

But it’s Peterson’s right foot that’s of greater concern. X-rays taken at the stadium were negative and Peterson will have a magnetic resonance imaging exam on Monday.

All he knew Sunday was how he felt when linebacker Arthur Brown rolled the foot while tackling Peterson as he was fumbling a 4-yard reception out of bounds.

“I just felt it pop a couple of times and the pain was excruciating,” Peterson said. “My initial thought was, ‘God, I hope I didn’t break anything,’ because that’s what it felt like.

“After it happened, I didn’t know what happened to the football. I was worried about what was going on with my ankle.”

With the Vikings sitting at 3-9-1 and officially eliminated from the playoffs, Peterson was asked if it would be wise to shut him down for the season regardless of Monday’s test results.

He finished Sunday’s game with seven carries for 13 yards — the second-lowest total of his seven-year career behind only the 3 yards he gained as a rookie at San Francisco.

“No, no, not at all,” he said. “You should have seen me in here trying to get back out there.”

Peterson initially resisted getting on the cart that took him from the field to the locker room. He was seen jumping up and down, “trying to see if the pain was going to subside a little bit. But it didn’t.”

He also stayed in uniform in the locker room during the third quarter. He tried taping the foot and then testing it by walking, jogging and getting up on his toes.

“Finally, I was like, ‘I’m not going to be able to go,’ ” said Peterson, who lost the NFL rushing lead. With 217 yards against the Lions, LeSean McCoy now leads Peterson 1,305 to 1,221.

Peterson spent the fourth quarter on the sideline, watching the wild finish.

“It definitely stung a lot, especially how the game went down,” Peterson said. “Some of the calls that were made. To me, it was kind of one of those games where it was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that was called.’

“Then, to top it off, they got the worst fans in the NFL throwing snowballs the entire fourth quarter like kids. It was a bad feeling, a bad experience.”