Horidraa: Golden Healing

Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea sets her latest work in the year 2053, telling the story of a woman named Ashwarnahm BahrAili KofucheeNané, who is in a state of collapse and needs urgent medical care. The piece explores how women in global communities of color find healing, with inspiration drawn from indigenous practices around the world. The show’s content and even its title employ the metaphor of turmeric, used in both cuisine and medical practices for centuries in South and East Asia. Designer Alison Hiltner created the show’s stunning dystopian set during a residency at the Soap Factory this summer. (7:30 p.m. Fri. & Sat., the O’Shaughnessy, 2004 Randolph Av., St. Paul, $13-$27, 651-690-6700, oshag.stkate.edu.)SHEILA REGAN