There is something magical about snow, especially watching it from your family room, not stranded on I-35. It’s nature’s do-over, a fresh start, a clean sheet of white wonder as far as the eye can see.

A heavy blanket of snow has many benefits, insulating gardens and protecting small animals. A deep layer can help soil manage temperature extremes, critical for some plants, including evergreens. Remember this the next time you’re adrift in a snowy sea of brake lights during a soul-sucking commute.

Good news for the Loppet in Minneapolis this weekend: Despite a little compaction from Tuesday’s snow, we should keep 6-10 inches on area trails. Wait, snow on the ground, roads in good shape? For a brief moment everyone is happy-ish.

GFS guidance pulls temperatures in the 40s into Minnesota in about two weeks, so make the most of the snow while you can. A clipper will whip up strong winds late Sunday; blowing and drifting is likely outside the metro.

Next week will feel like midwinter with one or two nights near zero. Not a prolonged arctic intrusion, just a taste this time.