The hit HBO TV show "Game of Thrones" is known for its epic staging, twisted romance, incredible battles, mythological dragons and political intrigue. The show that spends over $10 million per episode will also go down in history for pulling off the greatest Ikea hack of all time.

The show's costume designers outfitted fan favorite Jon Snow with a cape made from an Ikea rug. That's right. You, too, can prepare for winter's arrival with a fluffy sheepskin rug from everyone's favorite Swedish home furnishings store.

After word of this genius hack got out, Ikea released instructions last week for cape-ifying its rugs. In its trademark DIY instruction style with simple drawings, the company has informed the public how to, well, cut a hole in a rug.

The task is basic, but the result is a lavish cape fit for a lord commander. Raise your hand if you're going as a member of the Night's Watch for Halloween this year.

Now here's the bad news: Ikea stores in the U.S. don't sell the $249 rugs needed to get the look.