Gov. Tim Pawlenty has a date in Dallas on Saturday. He'll be speaking to the Dallas County Republicans at their Reagan Day Gala. 

The trip will be at least his third to Texas since November. He was there for the Republican Governors Association meeting last year and returned again to do some fundraising  for his PAC and picking up a check for Alabama. No word yet on if Pawlenty is going to shake the PAC money tree again during this visit.

Here are other trips Pawlenty, who has been dubbed the Energizer Bunny of the 2012 crew, has on the docket:

March 24, Washington, DC -- featured at the Susan B. Anthony fundraiser.

March 25, Manchester, New Hampshire -- keynoter at the Manchester Republican Committee Lincoln-Reagan Day dinner.

April 8-11, New Orleans, Louisiana  -- speaking at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. (Not clear which day he is speaking but it is unlikely to be April 9, because that's when he is supposed to appear with former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney in good ol' Minnesota.)

April 17 -- Des Moines, Iowa -- keynoter at the 2010 Iowa Taxpayers Day. 

April 24 -- Bellevue, Washington --  speaking  to the Washington State Republican Party's Gala Dinner,