Ice castles, parades and Vulcans: Vintage Winter Carnival photos

The St. Paul Winter Carnival has been the winter life of the party since 1886. 


1937: Winter Carnival Ice Palace Lighted structure stood near the capitol.
1986: John Folger strung lights inside the tower of Ice Palace on Lake Phalen.
1941: The Ice Palace at Como Park in St. Paul is pictured under flood lights.
1990: Diane Myers and her daughter Amy (both from Coon Rapids) try on their huge mitten costumes with the help of Cindy Zuby.
1982: An Ice rink for the Winter Carnival has been placed on the full block of St. downtown between St. Peter and Wabasha, disrupting most normal travel in the downtown area.
1961: Winter Carnival parade moves through downtown St. Paul.
1977: Pat Anderson, foreground, and David Donovan got ready to hold the reins behind the leaders as the Hi-Lex Bleach gnomes formed ranks behind the St. Paul Civic Center bleachers.
1958: On hand to watch the start of the parade was Mayor Joseph Dillon and his daughter Julie, 2. She stayed inside her dad's coat to keep warm.
1988: Dave Watson, of St. Paul, used a chain saw to carve a block of ice in Rice Park.
1990: Dee Hagedorn, of Anoka, concentrated on her work, The Great Blue Heron. She said she and her partner, Paula Allan, of Minneapolis, have entered many times and placed first in the citizen's category last year.
1954: St. Paul turned out on an unwinterlike night Saturday for the traditional St. Paul Winter carnival torchlight parade. Above, King Boreas the 18th, Walter V. Dorle, and his Queen of Snows, Mary Lou Lipke, wave to spectators from their float throne.
1983: A human torchlight was among such things as floats, trucks and dancers during the Torchlight Parade of the Winter Carnival.
1972: St. Paul Torchlight Parade precedes dethroning King Boreas - A float depicting the King Neptune Festival of Sarasota, Fla., was one of the units in the parade.
1961: St. Paul Winter Carnival.
1958: King Boreas XXII was crowned Friday night. He's Rohland H. Thomssen, St. Paul realtor. John Burg, the new carnival prime minister, is at left in photo.
1946: Barbara Geiger, St.Paul Winter Carnival Queen of Snows, Monday recoiled from both Vulcan Rex XXI and a 70-pound lion cub.
1958: Alabama Backs Winter Carnival Hi-Jinks - Civic Leaders of Birmingham, Alabama are backing Vulcan in his annual battle with King Boreas during the St. Paul Winter Carnival.
1961 Subject: Winter Carnival Tobaggan sliders George Pett, 12, and Wesley Kramer, 12.
1953: Sitting near the capitol, complete with coffee, cookies and warm clothes were Patricia Swickand Joyce Neubauer.
1957: Susan and Devra Scott have good vantage point as the temperature hung around six degrees for the St. Paul Winter Carnival torchlight parade.
1970: A member of the 3M Clown Club waved at spectators as he marched with the 3M float, "Icy Splendor," in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Grand Parade.
1946: St. Paul Winter carnival parade.
1940: The ice castle at the Winter Carnival.
Buffalo Bob Smith, left, Howdy Doody and Marti Barris, right, who plays Peppi Mint on the “Howdy Doody” show, were greeted Thursday, Feb. 5, 1960 at Wold-Chamberlain field by the St. Paul Winter carnival junior king and queen.
1992: The Winter Carnival Pepsi Ice Palace was seen from the Cherokee Heights neighborhood of St. Paul, just east of the High Bridge.
1992: "Pepsi Ice Pile," The Ice Palace is officially history, at approximately 4:30 p.m. the ice palace fell victim of the wrecking ball and less than an hour later it was a pile of ice.
The 2018 Winter Carnival Ice Palace was officially lit Thursday evening in Rice Park in downtown St. Paul. The 70 foot tall palace is the first to grace St. Paul's celebration of winter since 2004. The palace is made up of 4,000 blocks of ice, weighing nearly 4 million pounds.