A storm like Hurricane Joaquin quickly puts our “bad weather” into stark perspective. Minnesota sees its fair share of extreme weather. Blizzards are becoming more rare over time, but winter windchills often dip to dangerous levels. Flash floods, river flooding and an occasional tornado can also occur. But we don’t experience massive, Texas-size storms capable of inflicting billions of dollars in damage.

There is nothing quite like a hurricane, and Joaquin continues to vex forecasters. Most U.S. models pull the storm into the mid-Atlantic coastline by the weekend; the usually reliable ECMWF forecast sweeps Joaquin out to sea. Stay tuned.

While the East Coast braces for possible impact we rummage for light jackets and sunglasses. Cool sunshine spills into the weekend; a little rain next Tuesday. The same atmospheric holding pattern pulling tropical moisture (and possibly Joaquin) into the East Coast will keep us sunny, cool and calm into Monday. The metro should remain free of frost the next 2 weeks; GFS data hint at a few more 70s by mid-October.