A Hungarian camerawoman caught on video kicking and tripping migrants near the Serbian border offered a qualified apology for her behavior.

Petra Laszlo said in a letter published Friday that she was "sincerely sorry for what happened," but she also defended her actions.

She was fired by the N1TV online channel after footage of her kicking and tripping migrants Tuesday near Roszke went viral on social media.

In her letter, Laszlo described her actions as a reasonable response to a chaotic situation.

"I was scared as [the migrants] streamed toward me, and then something snapped inside me," she wrote. "With the camera in my hands, I didn't see who was coming toward me. I just thought they were on the attack and I had to defend myself. It's hard to make good decisions when one is panicking."

She said she had received death threats.

Police questioned Laszlo on suspicion of disorderly conduct; the inquiry continues. Her former employer backs a political party that calls for deportation of all foreigners.

Associated Press