It's easier than you think! Some people were hoping they’d announce Aliens, but c’mon. Microbes, maybe, but if they'd discovered actual sentient creatures they'd take a while to break the news. Anyway, Guardian readers gotta guardian:

And . . . smack:

In related news from the credulous corners of the Internet:

A top secret file that apparently prove the existence of aliens has been found in a UFO museum. According to the Journal Telegraph, the memo, found by staff at the Hakui Centre for UFO research inTokyo, suggests the FBI found three metallic flying saucers with three-feet-tall extra terrestrials inside. 

Imagine that: a top secret file that PROVES UFOs are real has been found in a museum about UFOs. Found! That would be the sort of document you put in the pile of things you meant to get to last month, and before you know it, 68 years have passed. Where was that memo again? Around here somewhere.

TUNES A rather cheerful endorsement of that strange old idea that’s gaining newfound respect: paying for music.

The first 3-month free trials of Apple Music will be coming to an end in a few days, and we can expect to see a crop of ‘should you keep paying?’ articles. Many people will be trying to decide whether to pay for Spotify, Apple Music or a rival, but why choose? Paying for more than one is a perfectly acceptable option – I’m going to be paying for three.

Great! Enjoy. Reasons why at the link. Here’s what makes me want to blow up Apple Music with a tricobalt warhead, which unfortunately exists only in a Star Trek episode: when I’m in the car, or out of the house, and I hit the MUSIC button on the phone, what do you think happens? Music?

Oh, no. That would be too obvious. Because there’s no way to know I want my music when I hit Music. I may want what Apple thinks should be my music, or could be my music, if I liked it. And isn’t life about discovering new things? Yes. Of course. But I want to listen to a specific song in a specific playlist. This is not the first option, because the app looks for an internet connection and says I’m offline because I’ve denied it access to data. network. So I have to tap My Music and the Playlist. This is why I am not signing up for Apple Music. It just encourages them.

PIX Mighty and ominous pictures from Google Earth! Ominous? I don’t know. Interesting, yes.