Q I have iTunes loaded with most of my CDs. But now I want to transfer that music library from my Windows XP Media Center desktop PC to a new Windows Vista laptop. Is there an easy way?


A Yes. Just copy the PC file that contains your iTunes music library. It's the default location for songs you've downloaded from the iTunes online music store, or copied from CDs into your PC's iTunes program. To find the music library in Windows XP, look under Documents and Settings, then Administrator, then My Documents, then My Music, then iTunes, then iTunes Music.

Copy the library folder to a large flash drive or a portable disk drive. (To use an iPod, see support.apple.com/kb/HT1329.) Attach the storage device to the new PC and transfer the songs to any file folder. (If you want to use the default iTunes file folder in Windows Vista, it's under your personal data file, whatever you named it. Then click music, iTunes and iTunes Music.) Once you've transferred the songs to the new PC, use the iTunes "add file to library" function (under the "file" heading) to make iTunes find the songs. (You can add all the songs at once by holding down the right mouse button to define all the song titles.)

If your transferred songs won't play, they're protected by Apple's digital rights management software, which Apple is phasing out. But when you click a protected song you'll be prompted to "authorize" the song online so it can be played on the new PC (you can authorize a song to play on up to five computers.)

Q My wife says the text sizes in her Gmail.com e-mail and Internet Explorer Favorites are very small. How can we increase the size?


A To make the type on Gmail or other Web pages larger on Internet Explorer Version 6, go to the View heading and click "text size" to choose your font size. (On newer versions of Internet Explorer, go to the Page button on the upper right side of the screen and click either Text Size (changes the type size) or Zoom (makes everything on the page, including photos, bigger or smaller.) To make Internet Explorer Favorites text bigger in Windows XP, go to Windows Start, click Control Panel, click Display and click the Appearance tab. Use Font Size to alter the text in most Windows programs. In Windows Vista, go to Start, then Control Panel, then click Personalization. On the left choose "adjust font size."

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