In Minnesota, doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are being administered to people through a mix of health systems, state clinics, public health departments and pharmacies.

Recently, Minnesota launched a COVID-19 Vaccine Connector, which allows all residents to register health, demographic and workplace information to be alerted about vaccine availability. The tool is available to all residents who have not been vaccinated.

If you are part of the Minnesota Community Program waiting list, people are still being allocated vaccines through that program. If you are on that list, you do not need to use the new tool. Seniors who aren't on that list will be added to the community waiting list automatically after entering their information in the new online portal.

The state has an online search tool to help Minnesotans find and connect with vaccine providers in their area. If you are eligible for a vaccination according to the state's guidelines, here are some of the ways to find a spot:

Health systems

Many of the state's large health systems are reaching out to established senior patients to schedule appointments. Most are relying on online portals to notify patients. Some health systems allow you to register even if you are not an established patient. Here are links to some of the major health system portals:

Allina | Essentia Health | HealthPartners/ParkNicollet MyChart | Fairview MyChart | M Health MyChart | Mayo Clinic


Large chain pharmacies such as Thrifty White, Hy-Vee and Walmart are making appointments online. Most pharmacies are limiting registrations to those 65 and older. Sam's Club is making appointments, too, and you do not need to be a member to sign up. CVS is not yet vaccinating in Minnesota.

Some pharmacies have a pattern of releasing appointments at midnight, while others such as Thrifty White and Hy-Vee are updating frequently throughout the day.

Independent pharmacies are also distributing vaccines. If you are a customer, contact them directly to see if you are eligible or if they are maintaining a waiting list.

Resources from the state of Minnesota

COVID-19 Vaccine Connector

Find vaccine locations

General vaccine information

Other avenues

Some community clinics or counties are also doing their own registrations. Search your county or city name along with words like "COVID vaccine" or "vaccine clinic." Many of those are limited to residents of specific neighborhoods or cities. (Please be cautious about sharing personal information and health details with unfamiliar groups purporting to be running vaccine clinics.)

If you are a veteran, here is information about registering in Minneapolis. Eligible veterans can schedule vaccination appointments by calling 612-467-1301.

Many Minnesotans have turned to social media to share tips about how to find and register for vaccine doses. This "vaccine hunters" group on Facebook shares information about getting registered in Minnesota. Another group is focused on advocating for vaccination of vulnerable populations.