When creating bedroom decor, it doesn't have to be about spending lots of money. Instead, aim to create a soothing and calming atmosphere that reflects your personality and creates the ideal oasis.

As you plan, remove excess pieces, and keep pieces you love, using them for inspiration to create an overall decor story, or as the foundation for your color palette.

Here is my design recipe for creating the perfect boidoir:

Select neutral bedding. It will serve as the perfect blank slate in order for you to build a bedroom color palette. After selecting your bedding, add color and texture through your artwork and accessories.

Buy affordable toss pillows. Toss pillows will provide you with an affordable way to update the look of your bedroom quickly and easily. Think about swapping out toss pillows seasonally for a fresh new look.

Invest in great sheets. I prefer cotton sateen in a 400 thread count with a creative embroidery or decorative border pattern that looks beautiful when making the bed, folded back.

Purchase the essentials, including a well-made bed, nightstands with simple lamps and a basic dresser with a beautiful decorative mirror above.

Incorporate a scent. Soy-based candles and scents such as lavender — try putting fresh lavender in tiny cheesecloth pouches and placing them throughout the bedroom — can open your senses and refresh your mind.