Danny Buraczeski led a class at Meadows School of the Arts in Dallas. (photo by Arthur Fink)

After 13 years in Dallas as a jazz-dance faculty artist at Southern Methodist University, former Twin Cities choreographer Danny Buraczeski got quite a retirement tribute earlier this month.

There were strong Minnesota connections in retrospective performances that featured seven Buraczeski works.

Dancer Mariusz Olszewski staged Buraczeski’s “Points on a Curve” for student dancers, and Zenon Dance Co. performed two Buraczeski classics: “Song Awakened,” a 2001 beauty set to a song cycle by the singer Cesária Évora, and “Ezekiel’s Wheel,” his poetic 1999 homage to the writer James Baldwin.

“And they danced better than ever,” said Buraczeski, who officially retires from SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts in mid-May.

Twin Cities audiences can once again revel in his work when Buraczeski — whose Minneapolis-based Jazzdance company dissolved in 2005 — returns to stage “Points on a Curve” for Eclectic Edge Ensemble at the Lab Theater in mid-July.