The Nasdaq composite index closed above 5,000 Monday for the first time since the dot-com bubble peaked 15 years ago. It was only the third time the index has closed above 5,000 in its 44-year history. The other two were March 10, 2000, when it closed at a record high of 5,048, and the day before.

On Monday:

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 155.93 points, or 0.9 percent, to 18,288.63.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 12.89 points, or 0.6 percent, to 2,117.39.

The Nasdaq composite increased 44.57 points, or 0.9 percent, to 5,008.10.

For the year:

The Dow is up 465.56 points, or 2.6 percent.

The S&P 500 index is up 58.49 points, or 2.8 percent.

The Nasdaq is up 272.04 points, or 5.7 percent.