Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, was re-elected on Tuesday, defeating Republican candidate Scott Jensen by a nearly 8-point margin to extend DFL control of the governor's residence for another four years.

He did so in part by winning strong support in the core Twin Cities metro and its suburbs — further cementing Minnesota's urban-rural political divide.

Use the the map below to explore how Minnesota voted for governor by precinct, which is the smallest unit of geography election counters use to tabulate votes. Precincts are usually comparable in size to a neighborhood or a small town, although some in rural Minnesota can be geographically large.

The map is colored based on vote density: Darker areas represent smaller, more densely populated precincts — like cities — whereas lighter areas represent sparsely populated precincts like rural areas and small towns. Zoom, hover and search on the map to explore how different parts of the state voted.