The Minnesota Film & TV Board scored a coup last year when it got $10 million in state money to draw movie business to Minnesota over two years. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to some of the nearly 40 other states — many with larger tax bases than Minnesota — that offer incentives.

But several states have cut back on their incentive programs, and others are considering doing so. Iowa, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin currently have no incentives.

Here is what some other states offered in rebates or tax credits in 2013:


Michigan: $50 million

Illinois: Unlimited

Oklahoma: $5 million

Ohio: $40 million

North Carolina: No overall cap, $20 million cap per film

Louisiana: Unlimited

Pennsylvania: $60 million

Utah: $6.8 million

Washington: $3.5 million

Oregon: $10 million

Texas: $95 million

California: $100 million

New York: $420 million