Might bird feeding be a solution for empty-nest syndrome?


A friend I’ve known for decades knew of my interest in birds, but never shared it. Rarely even asked about it.


He and his wife have two children. Since they were tots, both kids were active in youth sports. So were the parents — coaching, cheering, driving. It more or less was year around — games, practice, tournaments.  


Then, the oldest child graduate high school and left home for college. A year later, the youngest did the same. 


No kids. No sports, no driving, no coaching. 


Empty time? Yes.


Three months into his imposed quiet time, my friend calls to tell me he bought a bird feeder. He bought 20 pounds of seed. He hung the feeder just outside his kitchen window. Ten minutes later he had birds! He was excited.


A few days later he bought another seed feeder and a suet feeder. Someone built a feeder for him. He bought 100 pounds of black oil sunflower seed. He texted me regularly to keep me posted. His first cardinal. Two cardinals! A texted photo: what bird is this?


And then, the inevitable — squirrel problems. 


He is busy again, and happy. And for months to come he once again will have game-on -- versus squirrels.