The Wolves trailed by 14 at halftime before holding the Rockets to 29 points in the second half. Houston’s nine points in the fourth quarter equaled its lowest-scoring regulation quarter since 2012.

Wolves points: 48 in first half, 55 in second

Houston points: 62 in first half, 29 in second

Wolves field-goal shooting: 18-for-42 in first half, 18-for-40 in second

Houston field-goal shooting: 20-for-36 in first half, 12-for-38 in second


Wolves three-point shooting: 3-for-9 in first half, 8-for-13 in second

Houston three-point shooting: 8-for-17 in first half, 3-for-22 in second


Wolves free-throw shooting: 9-for-13 in first half, 11-for-15 in second

Houston free-throw shooting: 14-for-16 in first half, 2-for-3 in second