March 18

New US home construction dips again in February

Construction of new homes fell again in February, but not as much as the previous month. Those declines follow a December surge which had pushed home construction to the highest level in 13 years.
Home & Garden
March 16

What now? Facing life without the entertainment world

Overheard as the entertainment world stalled in response to the coronavirus outbreak: "What are we gonna do now, read books?"
March 13

Retired or nearly there? How to weather a market downturn

A bad stock market is unsettling for any investor. For retirees and near-retirees, though, bad markets can be dangerous. Stock market losses early in retirement…
March 12

Coronavirus forces small businesses to rethink strategies

Renee and Michael Brown planned to open a third location for their coffee company — and put their plans on hold when the coronavirus hit.
March 12

Mortgage rates mixed this week after hitting all-time lows

U.S. long-term mortgage rates were mixed this week after hitting all-time lows last week amid anxiety over risks to the economy from the deepening coronavirus crisis.
March 12

Nervous consumers around world pull back amid viral outbreak

Buffeted by fears of the fast-spreading coronavirus, consumers in the United States and overseas are showing increasing signs of cutting back on spending in what amounts to a severe threat to economic growth.
March 11

Corporate debt loads a rising risk as virus hits economy

A gyrating stock market is seizing headlines as the coronavirus threatens corporate profits and economic growth. Yet it's in the normally temperate bond market, where companies go to borrow money, where the gravest dangers may lurk.
March 6

Increasing home ownership focus of treasurer's task force

Increasing home ownership in Wisconsin, particularly among young people, is the focus of a new task force started by state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski.
March 5
FILE - This Jan. 9, 2020, file photo shows a sold sign is posted on a real estate sign outside a home in Derry, N.H. On Thursday, March 5, U.S. long-t

A record low on average 30-year fixed mortgage: 3.29%

Long-term U.S. mortgage rates have sunk to a record low, giving many homeowners an opening to refinance their loans to free up money to spend…
March 5

No, you don't need a 20% down payment to buy a home

Many Americans may be unnecessarily talking themselves out of homeownership. Thirty-seven percent of non-homeowners say not having enough saved for a down payment is holding…