Camille Meyer turned a bedroom in her St. Paul home into a quilting room, with cabinets that make it easy to see the materials she uses.

Hobby specialty rooms grow in popularity

Quilters – and other hobbyists – are creating specialty rooms at home, part of a broader trend toward personalization and staying put.

Gray and green: How to tell if an older adult needs help managing finances

February 26, 2013
Old hand and money
How to tell if a retired parent needs help managing finances? Look for these five warning signs.

Past forward: Heirlooms for the 21st Century

February 26, 2013
Sisters Mary Protas, Kathy Korsgaden and Suzie Nelson held a favorite family heirloom: their grandmother’s china. Protas recently plucked a cup and
Old Polaroids, vintage brooches and wilted letters on onion skin paper have a way of acquiring special meaning — because they help us remember those we loved. Don't relegate these heirlooms to some dusty attic.
The Good Life
December 23, 2013
Robert O. Fisch, 87 years old, is a retired doctor, an artist, an author and a Holocaust survivor. (His artwork is in the background.)

My Good Life: Robert O. Fisch

Retired doctor, author, artist and Holocaust survivor on happiness, acceptance — and gratitude for his liberation
The Good Life
February 28, 2013

Vivid living helps boost brain fitness

A couple of people who had started in wheelchairs can now push themselves up and use walkers. A woman’s journal entries have blossomed from short…
The Good Life
February 26, 2013

Save the photos: Recommendations for optimal preservation

Spend time talking photo preservation with Bob Herskovitz and Joe Hoover of the Minnesota Historical Society, and you may find yourself thinking about the contents of your closets.
The Good Life
February 26, 2013

Ten Alzheimer's warning signs

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life: forgetting recently learned information, forgetting important dates or events, asking for the same information over and over; relying…
Home & Garden
February 16, 2013

Indoor garden provides a haven in winter

Ferns, kale, herbs and even conifers flourish with the proper light and moisture.
Senior Living
February 16, 2013
The proposed Arcata project would include 173 apartment units on the north side of Interstate 394 in Golden Valley.

I-394 strip in Golden Valley becomes hotbed for apartment development

The popularity of the I-394 strip west of Hwy. 100 is leading developers to build apartments.
September 5, 2012
Brentwood Court

Hot property: Brentwood Court in Jordan

Brentwood Court SW. quadrant, Creek Lane and Seville Drive, Jordan
South Metro
September 5, 2012
Rosemount has committed to building a senior center near Steeple Center, a former church building that was transformed into an arts and events center

Scale of Rosemount senior center is one tall issue

The city was thinking of a modest place to chat over coffee or have meetings, but a developer is pitching a full-blown fitness center. Cost concerns also are bubbling up.
September 5, 2012

Hot property: 3789 Coon Rapids Blvd.

3789 Coon Rapids Blvd., Coon Rapids
Home & Garden
May 12, 2012
Rachel Orman built an addition on the back of her Minneapolis home to create a comfortable suite for her father, Eddie Orman, as well as a new vaulted

Make room for Mom & Dad

In-law suites, part of a growing trend toward multigenerational households, give aging parents their own space while bringing extended families closer together.