Tom Streitz, the city's housing director, announced Monday that he is leaving City Hall to lead Twin Cities Rise!, a non-profit organization focused on poverty.

Streitz oversaw all public funding for housing projects in the city, in addition to guiding housing development strategies. He has held the role of housing director since early 2008.

The new administration is sure to see more turnover among the various city departments. New Mayor Betsy Hodges has been mum on which department heads she would like to replace, however.

"There’s some time after I actually become the mayor to consider that question," Hodges said in a December interview. "And I will be thorough in that consideration.”

In a farewell letter, Streitz highlighted his department's acheivements battling foreclosure, including the implementation of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, creation of the Twin Cities Community Land Bank and piloting the First Look Program.

He said his future job will fit well with the goals of Hodges and the new Council Members to eliminate racial disparities.

"The issue of racial disparities in our community rightfully is emerging as the issue of our time," Streitz wrote. "Twin Cities Rise! has and will play a key role in helping reduce these disparities with their nationally recognized empowerment and job training programs focused on the hardest to employ, primarily men of color, many of whom are ex-felons."

Photo credit: Dave Scavone