The Minnesota House has unanimously approved tough new protections for homeowners facing foreclosure.


The Homeowners Bill of Rights legislation passed Sunday afternoon on a vote of 123-0. Among other things, it would ban the practice of “dual tracking,” where banks move ahead with foreclosure proceedings even while talking with homeowners about working out a payment plan.

The bill also sets rules the banks must follow to keep homeowners informed about their options, and gives homeowners the right to take their lenders to court to stop a foreclosure.

The federal government is preparing to impose similar foreclosure protections, but those regulations will not take effect until next year.

The Senate passed its version of the bill on Thursday by a vote of 61-1.

The legislation has been the focus of rallies throughout the year, as Minnesotans who have faced foreclosure, or lost their homes, shared their stories.

There have been an estimated 150,000 foreclosures in Minnesota since 2006.