A candidate for the Legislature in the northern suburb of Blaine has resigned from his job as an aide to Minnesota House Republicans, following a report about his Facebook posts celebrating the Confederacy.

A House official confirmed the Wednesday resignation of Nolan West, who began working for House Republicans in 2015.

On the day South Carolina removed the Confederate battle flag from its statehouse grounds in 2015, West reposted an advertisement for the flags on his Facebook page, continuing his history of publicly expressing admiration for the Confederacy and disdain for President Abraham Lincoln.

West took down the posts and apologized for them, saying they “do not reflect who I am or what I believe.”

But the fallout continued with his resignation and the release of more controversial posts that DFL Chairman Ken Martin called “racist, divisive and violent rhetoric.”

Local Republicans condemned the Facebook posts, and West’s campaign removed a list of endorsements from his election website.

The story was picked up by outlets as far away as the New York Daily News.

The Blaine district had been considered a relatively safe GOP seat, currently held by Rep. Tim Sanders, who is leaving the Legislature this year after four terms.

Republicans are trying to keep control of the House, which it won in 2014. The DFL must win seven seats to regain control.