Less than two hours after a Senate vote to ban the sale of online scratch-off tickets, the Minnesota House of Representatives followed suit, sending the measure to Gov. Mark Dayton.

The House voted 126-2 for the ban following more criticism for the Minnesota Lottery for adopting online sales, as well as sales at gas pumps and ATMs, without the Legislature’s approval. Online sales of Powerball and similar tickets remained intact.

“We have a state lottery that has been out of control,” said Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa. “This brings them back into control.”

Rep. Rick Hansen, DFL-South St. Paul, said that although he intended to vote for the measuere, it was another example of the Legislature being behind a measure that has already been adopted. He suggested a technology working group to address these issues, considering the Legislature only convenes for a few months a eyar.

“I think as a Legislature, we are going to have to try to get handle on how we approach technology,” Hansen said.

Dayton has not indicated whether he would sign the bill. Lottery Executive Director Ed Van Petten said that although he was disappointed on a legislative move he claimed was built from misinformation, he stopped short of saying he’d urge Dayton to veto the bill.

“Only if he asks my opinion,” Van Petten said. “I totally trust his judgment to do what’s right for us and for him. We live in a political world and he’s the boss.”