It's 2021! Where's my flipping flying car? The future isn't quite what I expected. I'd settle for a vaccine, when it's my turn.

Predictions: Things will slowly improve this year. Some sense of normalcy will return by summer or early fall, according to health experts. Weather? Winter will turn out milder than average, with a few big snowstorms as we slide into spring. Within five months thunderstorms will rumble and neighbors will whine about the humidity. Count on it.

Meteorologists still have no explanation for the January thaw, but I see a few days at or above freezing next week. No Arctic air is imminent — nothing subzero into mid-January. Keep in mind our coldest weather, historically, comes the second or third week of January. Maybe this year the polar vortex will come in June.

Nothing resembling a storm is imminent; a little slush is possible next Wednesday, as once again a storm slides off to our south. I'm welcoming a dry, mild, rather quiet start to a very hopeful new year.