MIDDLETON, Wis. — Middleton High School is going ahead with homecoming plans this week as the community deals with the painful loss of three teenagers killed in a traffic crash last weekend.

Two of the victims, Evan Kratochwill and John "Jack" Miller were seniors at the high school. The third teen, Simon Bilessi, was a senior at Madison West High School who formerly attended Middleton High.

The three were killed when their vehicle was struck from behind in the town of Middleton Saturday night. The impact sent their vehicle into a farm field where it became engulfed in flames.

School district officials say the Spirit Night activities, the football game and homecoming dance will all go on as planned to provide an opportunity for the entire school to support each other as a community.

Middleton officials say Miller was involved with the student council, was the goalkeeper on the soccer team, and also played club hockey. Kratochwill was a member of the Middleton High cross country team.

Henry Aiyenero, a soccer coach and student support specialist at One City Schools, said Bilessi, a volunteer, was like an adopted son to him.

Middleton High School Principal Peg Shoemaker said the school community is heartbroken at the loss.

"Each of them were 'bright lights' within our student body: positive, kind, funny, inclusive," she said in a statement. "The loss of their presence will impact our students and staff profoundly."

The Dane County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the crash.