– Colorado reliever John Axford is taking some time off to tend to his young son, who was bitten by a rattlesnake last month in Arizona.

The Rockies placed the righthander on the family medical emergency list before Sunday's game.

Axford said his son had surgery Monday on his right foot to remove necrotic tissue. Axford said the toes of 2-year-old Jameson "look fine," but doctors are trying to improve mobility as they combat infection.

Jameson will board an emergency medical flight Monday to Denver for more treatment.

"We still have a long road, a long process to go," Axford said. "But at least I'll be able to be closer to him."

His son was bitten twice in the yard of the house his family rented in Scottsdale for spring training. Axford will be out for at least three days and a maximum of a week.