– Shortly after the conclusion of the Indians' season last year, starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco experienced heart palpitations and was recommended for heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.

Carrasco underwent a seven-hour, non-invasive heart surgery on Oct. 8 in an effort to increase blood flow. All of this came out in a report by FoxSports.com and was confirmed by Carrasco after his start Wednesday night, when the Indians won 2-0.

Carrasco had the procedure and then upon coming to spring training went off his medication to prepare for the season. The heart palpitations returned. Carrasco went back to taking his two pills a day and the issue went away.

"It was a little bit scary," Carrasco said. "But everything is fine now. I can just take it easy and take my pill and that's it. It's something of the past."

Akron Beacon Journal