Bellisio Foods timeline

1947: Jeno Paulucci starts Chun King

1966: Chun King sold to RJ Reynolds

1967: Paulucci founds Jeno’s Inc.

1985: Jeno’s Inc. sold to Pillsbury

1990: Paulucci founds Luigino’s Inc.

1990: Launched Michelina’s brand

2007: Luigino’s becomes Bellisio Foods

2011: Jeno Paulucci dies

2011: Acquired by Centre Partners

2012: Bellisio acquires Boston Market frozen food brand

2014: Bellisio licenses Chili’s brand frozen foods

July 2016: Bellisio Foods signs long-term licensing deal for Atkins brand frozen foods

November 2016: Centre Partners agrees to sell Bellisio Foods to CPF