Nearly 27 inches of rain (26.88) just fell at Boone Hall Plantation, S.C., in about three days. That's two hurricanes' worth of rain, and nearly the amount of precipitation Minneapolis-St. Paul sees in an entire YEAR!

Weather systems stalled, and a fire hose of tropical moisture from Hurricane Joaquin focused on the Carolinas. When the weather stalls, bad things often result, in this case historic rains.

I've seen a few conspiracy theories, suggesting a government coverup: "HAARP weather modification gone bad." Uh-huh. Yes, climate change is a hoax, the Apollo moon landings were faked and Washington, D.C., is run by a race of lizard-people. Well, that last one may be true.

Extreme rains are on the rise. For the record, Minnesota has had four one-in-1,000-year flash flood events since 2004.

The mercury flirts with 70 today and Wednesday; 80 isn't out of the question Sunday. Technically we can't call it Indian summer until the first frost, which may be two weeks away by my calculations. Rain settles the dust Thursday; otherwise, it's dry with a mild bias. It's still October, right? Just checking.