WASHINGTON – So much for the trope that Hillary Clinton is not generating enthusiasm in Minnesota.

The state’s residents donated more than twice the number of dollars to her than to all the other presidential hopefuls — including other Democrats — combined, according to a Star Tribune analysis of second quarter data provided by the Sunlight Foundation.

All told, Minnesotans gave $786,121 to all presidential hopefuls in the second quarter.

Of that, the Democratic former secretary of state and first lady received a whopping $559,713. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders received $49,403 and Republican candidate Ben Carson received $49,411.

Republican Jeb Bush collected $46,900 and GOP Sen. Ted Cruz brought in $21,441. Republican hopefuls Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, both senators, brought in roughly $18,000 each, records show. 

Many of the presidential hopefuls filed paperwork in the second quarter, which spanned April 1 to June 30 so many didn’t have a full 12 weeks to collect campaign contributions.