Hennepin County District Judge Fred Karasov, who is in rehabilitation after a cardiac arrest, won't follow through with the Dec. 31 retirement that his family announced last month.

Gov. Tim Walz on Monday granted a request to rescind the 66-year-old judge's retirement request that he had signed Nov. 18.

Walz's order signed Monday said that based on information from physicians, Karasov's conservator and co-guardians, the judge no longer met the requirements for a disability retirement because of "significant improvement" in his condition.

Karasov had submitted the request to stay on the bench, "by and through his conservator and co-guardians," on Dec. 10, Walz's letter said.

There is no indication when the judge will be able to return to the bench in Hennepin County's busy Fourth District.

Dulce Foster, a lawyer acting as a spokeswoman for Karasov's family, said in an e-mail that the decision to rescind his retirement was made "to allow more time for his rehabilitation and recovery."

She declined to answer additional questions.

Karasov has been in the hospital and long-term care facilities since his heart stopped and he collapsed Sept. 7 while exercising at a fitness club.

His brother Robert has kept friends and family apprised of his condition through a CaringBridge website.

On Monday, Karasov was cleared to move to the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley, a significant step in his rehabilitation, according to a post on the site.

Karasov's cognitive and physical activity have been steadily improving, the post said.

Karasov was a fixture at the courthouse since he became an assistant Hennepin County attorney in 1982.

Then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty appointed him to the bench in 2008 where he was an outgoing and respected friend and colleague.

Karasov also was a judge advocate general in the Minnesota Army National Guard. Eleven months after he joined the bench, he went on a seven-month deployment to Iraq with the National Guard's 34th Red Bull Infantry Division.

Disabled judges receive their full salary for a year after they've become disabled but don't collect it beyond the mandatory retirement age of 70.

Disability benefits begin after a year.