The problem: My teenage son’s friend has started flirting with me. How do I put an end to this?

Low road: Ask him if he can drive you to your colonoscopy appointment. 

High road: There can be all sorts of reasons for his inappropriate behavior. His hormones are running on overdrive, he might be consuming too many, uh, let’s say creative independent films, or he’s simply misreading your genuine warmth and interest in his high school life as an invitation to greater intimacy.

Regardless, to avoid legal and moral issues (as well as the ick factor), you must be the adult here.

Please resist confiding in your son about this. Your progeny does not, repeat NOT, want to think about you being sexually attractive to anyone, let alone his friend. Plus, the revelation will pretty much guarantee the end of their friendship which, I’m guessing, is going to fade quickly on its own.

Instead, avoid one-on-one interactions with this young man. When you see him, be upbeat, busy and in full Mom mode. “Off to buy groceries. What kind of snacks do you kids like?” 

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