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After months of rumors, MTV confirmed Wednesday that "Beavis and Butt-Head" is returning to the network later this year.


The animated show, which aired from 1993-97, features two heavy-metal music fans riffing on music videos and trying unsuccessfully to score with "chicks." Series creator Mike Judge voiced the roles of both title characters.

It’s difficult to recall how the show was regarded as the end of Western Civilization - why, when you added that scaliwag Bart Simpson into the cultural mix, it was obvious our children had no role-models but underachieving mouthbreathers. How stupid were they? The smart one was named Butthead.


(donning pretentious critic cap now) Yet B & B was a rare thing: it managed to be a dead-on parody that also appealed to the very people it mocked. Perhaps because no one in the audience could equal them in stupidity and loserosity. Perhaps because they didn’t get the joke. Whatever. The best part of the shows were the critiques of the videos, which shredded the pretensions of the very medium MTV had been created to showcase. All in all, nice work, Mike.

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