She cut out for Los Angeles last year after singing with Atlantic Records and then cancelled two local shows this past summer, but Lizzo hasn’t forgotten the music scene that unleashed her into the world, nor the superstar that introduced Minneapolis to the world. Proof came over the past week and a half, after she released a coolly stripped-down, soulful cover of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” and then announced a New Year’s Eve gig at Myth in Maplewood to mark her overdue homecoming.

The new rendering of Prince’s first Top 10 hit – issued via Soundcloud and posted below – once again spotlights the 29-year-old’s talent as an R&B singer vs. her well-known prowess as a rapper. It also might offer something of a hint at the direction she’s headed in musically, since it pairs her with one of the players from her new production team, Tk Kayembe of Elm & Oak, who also helmed the hit Werkin’ Girls” for Angel Haze.

Lizzo also recently debuted a more formal new single, “Truth Hurts,” which is edging on viral-hit status thanks to its gorgeous and somewhat outrageous video (also posted below).

Ticket’s for Lizzo’s NYE bash at Myth are on sale now for $45 via