Trying hard to write like a real life Jackie Harvey, People’s Michael Ausiello gives us an exclusive scoop:
If you listen very closely in the next few seconds, you’re likely to hear a strange and wondrous noise: the sound of Gleeks everywhere tearing open their letters to Santa. Why? To update their wish lists!


A complete track listing is below. Beware: It includes what I believe to be a major spoiler about the identity of Kurt’s boyfriend!

“The 12 Days of Christmas,” which is the Christmas season’s version of “99 bottles of Beer on the Wall,” is not one of the songs, in case you were worried.


As one of the comments says:

I baby it’s cold outside is more seductive, Cory and Lea are best with cute songs cause Finn and Rachel are cute what was that song “in the meadow we can build a snowman” that would be the perfect song for them

Do they have a new internet that’s just plugged directly into people’s brains -  they don’t have to type their comments, just think? That would explain a lot.

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