Despite becoming the biggest and most ubiquitous pop star of our day — or more likely because of it — Taylor Swift has her fair share of detractors. She addressed the naysayers directly in her No. 1 kiss-off hit “Shake It Off,” but they didn’t go away. Here’s a quick look at the flip side to all the things people love about her.

She conquered country and pop

Love: No question, the musical transformation to electronic beats and catchy synth-pop music on her latest album “1989” confirms she makes a great pop star.

Hate: Her previous country albums always edged on Top 40 pop music anyway, and as a result she heavily tilted Nashville toward its slicker, teen-centric sound of today.

She writes her own songs

Love: Her name appears in the songwriter slot under every song on every one of her five albums, and clearly they’re loaded with her own personal/personality touches.

Hate: She enlists a lot of help from outside co-writers, especially on “1989” with such hitmaking machines as Max Martin and Shellback. Most pop and mainstream country stars today also use co-writers, though — and the ones who seem to get criticized most for it are women.

She sings her own songs

Love: No lip-syncing here. Swift delivers all her vocals live in concert and TV appearances. She also seems to use AutoTune much less than a lot of her peers in pop music.

Hate: She’s no vocal powerhouse and frequently goes off-pitch. This has been repeatedly exposed by viral audio clips of her isolated vocals, especially her duet of “Rhiannon” with Stevie Nicks at the Grammys in 2010.

She seems so down-to-earth

Love: Her approachable, girl-next-door persona has led to frequent up-close, one-on-one encounters with fans.

Hate: Her list of true BFFs all seem to be TMZ-worthy celebrities, be it musician boyfriends or supermodel girlfriends.

She’s so positive and clean-cut

Love: She’s a respectful, healthy-living young woman who’s kind to others and doesn’t get in feuds or hold grudges. She even forgave Kanye!

Hate: Booooooorrrrrriiiiiing!