Bug blaster

Hate those aphids, spider mites and other plant-munching creepy crawlies?

Revenge is yours.

Bug Blaster is a watering wand that sends out a jet of water strong enough to jar the bugs off your plants. It attaches to a garden hose and emits a 360-degree curtain of water that reaches both the tops and undersides of leaves.

It's pesticide-free, but it's hardly a tenderhearted approach to insect control. According to the company, the water blast "fatally traumatizes" insects and dislodges most eggs.

The Bug Blaster comes in a 30-inch size as well as a 48-inch model for large shrubs and small trees. Suggested retail prices are $24.95 and $34.95, respectively. Nozzle kits are also available for $9.95 to convert an existing watering wand into a Bug Blaster.

The product can be ordered at www.mybugblaster.com.