Every major holiday or occasion is now an opportunity for brand engagement across multiple platforms. Some brands do this quite poorly, while others manage to strike just the right note.

Halloween seems like one of those occasions with a pretty simple playbook, and the Twins followed it perfectly: Don't overthink it, just show us a bunch of pictures of people in costumes.

The Twins tweeted out pictures of several players (and their families) wearing costumes.

Kyle Gibson and Co.? They were "Gibbylocks" and the three bears. Brian Dozier and wife Renee wore masks that looked like their dog, Pickle. Eduardo Escobar? There was a pirate theme.

But the real show-stealer was Joe Mauer and his twin daughters, Emily and Maren. They had a "Beauty and the Beast" theme for their Halloween costumes, and well, the internet pretty much swooned over their picture.

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