Every year, a group of A-list musicians that Target has some business relationship with performs at its annual employee meeting. But the identity of the performers is always a surprise.

Well, that meeting was today at Target Center. And who graced the stage? Bon Jovi, Gwen Stefani, and Garth Brooks.

Brooks was a sort of double surprise since the audience mistakenly thought he was going to come out about halfway through the meeting after a Target executive announced that the retailer would sell an exclusive 10-disc set of the artist in November. But he didn't come out -- at least not then.

A little while later, though, the audience gasped when they saw him take the stage to close out the meeting.

Last year, the performers at Target's meeting included Shakira, Imagine Dragons, and Luke Bryan. In 2014, Taylor Swift and Coldplay played at the event.

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