Charges have been filed against a Chicago man accused of ambushing an armored truck guard who was filling an ATM inside a Super America in St. Paul, then tussling with the employee and fleeing with $70,000.

Christopher "Pooby" Ward, 30, was charged Wednesday in federal court in Minneapolis with robbery in connection with the predawn stickup at the convenience store and gas station on Lexington Parkway near Energy Park Drive on Jan. 14, 2011. Federal authorities said Ward was apprehended in Illinois.

Police said Ward also made off with the Dunbar Armored Inc. guard's gun when he fled about 5:40 a.m. in an SUV.

A series of photographs from surveillance video showed the gunman, dressed in all black, confronting the guard while the Wells Fargo ATM was open. The suspect grappled with the employee and pointed his gun at least twice.

The armored truck employee was unhurt. A second Dunbar employee remained in the truck, police said.

Paul Walsh