In advance of the 2016 legislative session, the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee has formed a new nonprofit organization focused on advocacy for gun owners in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus will be led by Bryan Strawser, who will serve as the organization's chairman, president and executive director, and Rob Doar, who will serve as vice-president and political director. 

In a press release announcing the new organization, Strawser said the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus will focus specifically on "grassroots advocacy, firearms safety education, gun rights legislation, and where necessary, legal action to protect and advance the constitutional rights of Minnesota's two-and-a-half million law-abiding gun owners."

Doar added that "[n]ow it's time to amplify the voices of gun owners and work to ensure that their voices are heard and their constitutional rights are respected not just in Saint Paul, but throughout the entire state."

Both Strawser and Doar have similar roles with the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee and according to the press release, the "Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee will be realigned as a political fund and fully integrated into the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus."

Picture source: Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus