One of two people caught on video assaulting and humiliating an elderly woman at a south Minneapolis transit center has pleaded guilty.

The video, posted on Facebook soon after the attack in February at the Chicago-Lake Transit Center, included the woman yelling, “Help me!” yet “there are many people in the shelter who do nothing,” according to a court filing in the case against 21-year-old Wesley N. Martin.

Martin, of Blaine, pleaded guilty Monday in Hennepin County District Court to first-degree aggravated robbery. The plea deal calls for a term of 4½ years. With credit for time in jail since his arrest, Martin will serve roughly 2⅔ years in prison and the balance on supervised release.

Accomplice Yetta Plair, 25, of Bloomington, also pleaded guilty the same count and received a four-year sentence.

A third suspect, Deondre R. Jackson, 21, of Minneapolis, video-recorded the attack and also was charged in the case. A jury acquitted him, however.

In the charges, police detailed what transit surveillance footage from inside the shelter showed:

Martin, Plair and Jackson approached the woman and yelled at her. She ignored them at first, then tried to get up and was repeatedly shoved back onto the bench.

Martin stole a liquor bottle from the woman’s jacket. When a bystander tried to intervene, Martin pushed her aside. He then groped the victim, who tried to escape.

Jackson can be seen holding a cellphone and recording “the brutalization of victim,” the complaint read. Martin groped her as she lay on the ground while Jackson used his phone to get a close-up of her face. Plair was seen holding the down victim and trying to rip off her shirt.

“Jackson can be heard on the video yelling racial epithets about Victim and commenting that ‘that lady like a hundred years old,’ ” the charges read.

An older man stepped in and pushed Martin away. Martin and the man fight, with Martin kicking and punching the man in the face while he’s down.